August 01, 2011

NORML Life: A Documentary with the Potential to Take Back Public Perception about Marijuana

NORML Releases to DVD August 16, 2011
NORML as an organization was established in 1970 by Keith Stroup as a lobby representation in WA for the responsible use of marijuana. Over the years, NORML has advocated for the decriminalization of cannabis creating a national and eventually international network of local chapters working in each area to change laws at the City and State level, while pushing through legislation and supporting politicians on a Federal level.

Today, NORML has chapters all over the World and more than 1 and 1/2 million members still working to effect legislation and change laws. NORML Life explores medical marijuana from all aspects including testimonies from doctors, patients, providers and activists all working tirelessly on one single goal: To end the senseless prohibition of use of the cannabis plant.

Everyone I have ever met has an opinion about marijuana. As an activist, I have spoken with hundreds of people about the plant, all of them recounting their personal experiences directly and their opinion about the legality of its medicinal use. One of the things I love about NORML Life is the perfect mix of culture and science when presenting the information. NORML Life is an excellent tool to take back public perception, truths taken from society with the Reefer Madness campaigns and anti drug rhetoric over the next several decades, something I see all the time talking to people today.

Featured Activists in NORML Life
Norml life has Dr Frank Lucido explaining why marijuana has 0 deaths on its record, Sabrina from NORML describing the influences behind the creation of the NORML Women's Alliance, lots of images showing the relationship between the endo-cannabinoid system and cannabinoids taken into the body when using as medicine and more, a lot more. I left after watching the movie with an expanded perception of the cannabis plant and I thought I knew a lot.

I encourage all of you to pick up a copy of NORML Life for your libraries. Just as Jack Herer's book, The Emperor wears no clothes served as written confirmation for the cannabis movement, NORML Life has the potential to visually affect public perception. Show it to your friends and family members when they disagree with you while engaging in heated debate cannabis issues.
Cannabis Plant

NORML Life is released to DVD August 16, 2011 and will be available for purchase online. Cinema Libre is accepting pre-orders now. Use the promo code heartbrain during check out in the online store for free shipping. Pre-Order NORML Life here.  

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