January 16, 2011

Farmers Markets and Cannabis: A Perfect Fit!

Farmers Markets go back as far as townships and villages. Farmers from rural areas brought their goods to be sold at central markets where blacksmiths and Craftsmen also showed their handmade household goods to festival goers. People traveled great distances to stock up on basic needs and meet merchants willing to trade goods and services.  Attending market days allowed the traveler to purchase exotic goods foreign to their homes. Markets serve as a showcase for local culture and traditions.
Modern Times bring industrial grocery stores, convenient and impersonal, but an established way of distributing food and household items. Farmers Markets would be a faint, distant memory were it not for the efforts of activists preserving local organic farmers. Today the United States has more than 5,000 known Farmers Markets. Each of these coveted local gems has the character and personality of the region and people who frequent it.
This market model is a perfect match for the cannabis plant. Besides the most obvious reason, this medicine is a plant; Markets bring the best of local distributers and bakers together, showcasing them in one location. Not every patient has smoked pot. Many have just been diagnosed and are learning the benefits of cannabis as a reaction. It is difficult to know what is right when inundated with information foreign to the recipient. Patients must create a relationship directly with the cannabis plant. Markets place patients in contact with businesses providing safe access close to home. Consultants are readily available to assist with every aspect of medicinal cultivation and consumption, including resources to help understand local laws and regulations.
With this in mind, Jeremy Miller created the first Cannabis Farmers Market in Tacoma Washington. It started with just 6 vendors and has grown substantially in 2 months to more than 30 vendors and hundreds of patients. “These are farmers growing agricultural medicine, so it seems like a no-brainer.” said Jeremy Miller, organizer and owner of Sacred Plant Medicine, “It’s a place where people can network with other patients in similar situations.” Today, patients will be able to enjoy Cannabis Farmers Markets in two locations, Seattle and Tacoma, WA.
In addition to market events, CFM chose NING, an exciting marketing tool combining social media components with traditional website solutions resulting in a strong community of patients helping patients. Be a part of a community in tune with your medicine. Make your profile today!
www.cannabisfarmersmarkets.com.  For more on individual social network media visit www.ning.com.